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Covid 19 - open for business as usual

Covid 19 - open for business as usual

Monday 6th April 2020 at 14:54

By Rob

Business as usual, although we're working from home!

It's business as usual here at uporium and we're all working and at our desks. It's just that those desks are now at home rather than in the office!

Sharlotte and myself (Rob) work from a laptop so that's been pretty easy, and we just put Jed and his iMac in a taxi about a week before lockdown so he's all set up at home as if he were in the office.

All our systems are already internet based, as is our phone system, and we use tools like Skype to keep in touch regularly throughout the day and even have virtual coffee breaks(!!) so it's business as usual and we're here to serve our clients; old and new alike.

Obviously you won't be able to visit our offices, but seeing as at least 90% of our clients work with us over the phone and using our remote control facilities, it's business as usual.


How to reach us

Same telephone number as always!

Our phone system has always been internet based so will reach us even though we're working from home. We can even transfer calls to each other or set up conference calls between multiple of us if required, and had all this set up long before lock down so fortunately we're well prepared.

Same number as always will reach us...

323 410 1032

Click here for contact details and opening times

All response times are as per normal.

We aim to respond to any tech support tickets logged before 4pm on the same working day, and do our best to reply to the vast majority of emails within 1 working day. You can call us any time within our usual opening times and either Sharlotte, Rob or Jed will be happy to answer and help.


We all have phones at home connected to our main office phone system, have headsets connected to our laptops, or apps on our phone which allow us to use the office phone system. So if you call you should get an answer just as normal! If for any reason you don't get through we might just all be on the phone and we have an automated list of any missed calls so will be sure to call you back!


Now is the perfect time to get online or work on your website!

Many of our clients have seen an increase in sales via their websites seeing as so many people are now stuck at home.

For our tips and recommendations on how to make the most of selling online during the covid 19 pandemic, please click here.


Thank you from the team



He isn't wearing the hat because he's cold, he just badly needs a hair cut and is starting to look like Sonic the Hedgehog!

And yes, that is a shed! Rob has converted a shed into a home office with half a dozen screens plastered across the walls for lockdown!




Sat with her laptop in the shade and her body in the sunshine!




With a screen full of code as per usual!





We can help you sell online easily too!

We have been helping small and medium sized independent businesses sell online easily since 2004, and we can help you too.

If you need a new website for your business, contact us on...

Click here to contact us by email

or call us on

01332 896 425

As well as a hand held service, all our customers receive a copy of our marketing tips book which gives you lots of tips and advice on this on how to succeed online.


By Rob
Monday 6th April 2020 at 14:54

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