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What's new? June 2020 edition

What's new? June 2020 edition

Tuesday 23rd June 2020 at 08:41

By Olivia

We're keeping these new updates coming thick & fast so we thought it best to create an update every month or so, so you know what's new.

Existing clients can also view ALL of the updates in their website manager too (see screenshot below), but I'll be posting to give you screen shots and a little more information on what these new updates mean for you!

If you're not a client already but want to see what our websites can do, please give us a call for a free demo and 14 day trial!

website update screen shot

1) More images per item

We've upgraded our websites so you can now have 30 pictures per item.

This should be handy if you've got lots of pictures you need to upload for an item and you'd like close ups, lots of pictures of finer details or sections of the item you want to highlight.

Note - this is available on Medium and Large plans only. Clients on the Small plan will still have the original number (the main pic + 12 others). Please contact us if you're on Small and would like to upgrade to Medium.

multiple images

2) The enquire/email forms on your website have been updated

When a customer views an item on your website, provided that you have not disabled the 'Enquire' and 'Email' button in your shop settings, they have the option to enquire about an item or email an item to someone directly from your website. This enables your customers to easily share an item, or get directly into contact with you about any item you have on your website.

We've decided to update how these 2 forms work to give your customers a better browsing experience on your website. Instead of a form popping up when you click the 'Enquire' or 'Email' button, it slides open below the buttons.

Please note that the colours of the new forms come directly from your website's background colour.

enquiry form update antiques web design

3) We've added some new animations to your website

To ensure your website is as pleasant to view as possible for your customers, we've made the decision to update your website's theme to have some new animations. The animation effects are different depending on what theme you are using, but you can expect to see;

  • Fades between pages
  • Hover effects
  • Elements fading in when viewed by a customer

Georgia Lacey's website animation. It goes from the logo in the middle of the page and it fades out to the homepage as you can see below:-



4) Drop down menu improvements

Many of our clients have a drop down menu in their main navigation. The drop down menus usually display things like a list of the categories on the site.

On some times the names of the categories would fold onto two lines; which not only didn't look great, but made the site a bit harder to browse. So we've just implemented an upgrade to the websites to resolve this on any sites with drop downs. Now they look fab!

gary wright antiques

5) Ability to change colours for SOLD and RESERVED wording

The website already has the facility to mark items as SOLD or RESERVED, which has always worked as below:-

  • If an item is marked as "SOLD", then the word "SOLD" appears instead of the price.
  • If an item is marked as "RESERVED", then the word "RESERVED" appears instead of the price.

You weren't previously able to change the colours that these words appeared in however. So we've applied an update so that you can change these colours to tie in with the colours on your website.

french antique company sold

6) New shop listing layout

We have created a new shop listing layout for your website. With this new shop listing layout it means that rather than having items or categories on fixed rows, the items are tiled in such a way as not to waste space and creating a more modern look.

You can see this new feature on one of our example antiques websites by clicking here


7) Move categories around

Have you ever added a new category on your website, only to later decide you want to move this category? You can now move shop categories around really easily using the new tool on our website manager.


8) Tweaks and little fixes

As well as the above main features, we've added lots of little new features recently including:-

  • Mark item as reserved when item is out of stock      
  • Change the order of pending to go live items
  • Automatically add 1 item to stock when adding a new item to your website
  • Have order confirmation emails sent to a different email address to enquiry emails 
  • Guest checkout now the quick checkout      
  • You can now use the 'Send Latest/Featured/Sale Items Mailshot' feature with MailChimp    
  • Customise mailshots using our new mailshot theme selection panel
  • Hide categories in the footer 

As part of the monthly fee we charge we're always innovating and adding new features to make our websites better and you receive these upgrades inclusive in your plan! If you're not yet a client please contact us for a free demo and 14 day trial!

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By Olivia
Tuesday 23rd June 2020 at 08:41

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