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Vend ePOS integration with your website

Vend ePOS integration with your website

Wednesday 27th January 2016 at 14:46

By Rob

Vend ePOS Integration is here...

Do you have a website which syncronises your products and stock levels with your till (ePOS) system?

  • Having an ePOS can:-
    • Save you time
    • Make your staff more efficient
    • Help you track stock so you see if items are being lost or stolen
    • Give you better business insights
    • Make accounting easier
  • Linking an ePOS with your website can:-
    • Prevent customers ordering items you don't have in stock
    • Mean you don't have to update stock on your website seperately


How does it work?


  • Our website platform acts as the 'central/ brain'
  • Vend 'Fetches' all the products from your website so you don't have to add them to the website and Vend separatley
  • Stock is syncronised so if a product sells via the website - Vend is updated and if a product sells in store, the stock level on the website is adjusted automatically.



What should I use for an ePOS till system?

We recommend Vend's ePOS system.

We've been asked a number of times to recommend an ePOS system to work with our websites so we are very pleased to be able to finally say in most cases Vend are the ePOS people for you no matter if you sell car parts, mobile phone accessories, furniture, clothing, pet food, or stationary a ph9 website integrated with Vend really takes the hassle out of keeping your stock, website and till system upto date.

A bit about Vend:-

  • Acts as your til system
  • It works on PC, Mac and iPads
  • You can use it in your shop, or take it away to trade fairs
  • Is very easy to use
  • Has 24/7 support as they have 4 offices around the globe
  • Is also supported by a range of Vend Experts around the world who can help you set it up, install a cash drawer and all the hardware for you, and more

Vend is a revolutationy ePOS supplier who really do take the hassle and cost out of setting up a powerful and professional Point of Sale Management system (a posh till!). For anyone who doesn't know who Vend are have a look at www.vendhq.com 

Our Vend bolt-on which integrates our websites with Vend starts from £295 / $420 / €385 with a small monthly fee.

If you don't have a website with us currently, our ready-made websites start from £595 / $850 / €795. Find out more by calling us on +44 (0)1332 898 429 in the UK or 323 410 1032 in the USA/Canda. Or visit our site at www.WebDesignforShops.com


We can help you sell online easily too!

We have been helping small and medium sized independent businesses sell online easily since 2004, and we can help you too.

If you need a new website for your business, contact us on...

Click here to contact us by email

or call us on

01332 896 425

As well as a hand held service, all our customers receive a copy of our marketing tips book which gives you lots of tips and advice on this on how to succeed online.


By Rob
Wednesday 27th January 2016 at 14:46

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