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Upgrades and new features, including a new checkout system!

Upgrades and new features, including a new checkout system!

Monday 21st November 2016 at 17:30

By Rob

Here is a summary of some of the major updates we've applied to your website and website manager.

We're committed to keeping your website up to date, so hope you love these new updates as much as we do :)


New Basket and Checkout pages

We've launched a big update to the basket and checkout pages on your website. The key aims are to:-

  • Help increase the money you earn through the site by making it easier for people to check out
  • Make the site more enjoyable to use

We've done this through:-

  • A redesign of the checkout process
  • A four step system to split down the key sections
  • Small details to make it even easier to use


Variations improvements (eg colour, size etc)    


For customers selling items online that are available in multiple variations (eg different colours and sizes), we've made some changes to the interface you use to add variations to make it much simpler to use, and generally more intuitive.

This should make this part of the website manager much easier to use. Whilst doing the updates we've also noticed some other things we can change to make it even better, so this is now also in the development pipeline.


Font picker improvements (now includes search!)

When you change or edit your layout, if the font you want begins with any letter after C in the alphabet, it could take rather a long time scrolling down to find it, due to the huge number of fonts we make available to choose from.

So to make life easier we have implemented:-

1) A search so you can search for the font by name

2) We highlight fonts you've used in other areas of your website and put those at the top

3) Made the way it works faster and quicker to use

We hope you like it!


Viewing promo codes used with orders

If you're curious as to what promotional code a customer has used when placing their order with you, this is now shown on the website manager when viewing an order.


Lots more tweaks and updates

As with any big upgrade we do like this, there's a ton of little tweaks, improvements and changes we make live at the same time. These are all aimed at:-

1) Making the website easier to use

2) Making the website manager easier to use

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By Rob
Monday 21st November 2016 at 17:30

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