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Running your store

Providing you tools to make it easy to run your store

Manage your store with ease

item edit interface

In today’s fast paced world, businesses need to be able to make changes quickly, and have flexibility.

That’s why we provide you with our easy to use website manager. This can be accessed at any time via a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and allows you to do things like:-

  • Add/edit/delete products & stock
  • Add/edit/delete news blog entries
  • Change stock levels (this can also be done automatically)
  • Refresh and change the design theme of your store
  • Modify page content
  • Change your categories and navigation
  • ...and much more

View and dispatch orders

dispatch system
From either your computer, tablet, or mobile you can:-


  • View all orders that are made on your site
  • View all customers that have made orders in your customer address book
  • Log offline orders via the website manager

Dispatch system

  • Keep track of which orders you've dispatched
  • Make notes on orders you haven’t dispatched yet
  • Automatically send emails to customers informing them when their order has been dispatched

Product variations

Add variations
This makes selling items in different colours, sizes, or variations easy for you and your customers.

Different prices
If one particular variation of an item is more expensive than the rest; then you can set a different price for it.

Keep track of stock
You can even track the stock levels of each variation.

variation example

Personalised products

personalised product

Sell customisable items
This is for stores which sell items which can be customised; eg personalised gifts, made to order items etc.

Customisable fields
You can create different personalisation fields for each item. So if there are 3 lines of text that can be personalised on 1 item, and only 1 line of text available on another item, then no problem.

Trade customer login & pricing

Mix retail with trade, or go trade only
If you sell to the trade (wholesale) as well as to retail, then you can enter in different prices for both trade and retail. Trade prices are then only made available to approved trade clients who log in.

Set minimum order quantities
If you want to ensure minimum spends for trade clients, then this is easy to do on a site-wide or per customer basis.

Hide prices until customers log in
This is if you only sell at trade and want to hide prices until a customer logs in

trade login

Reporting and analytics

reporting img

Goal reporting
The reporting and goal tracking module allows you to track certain goals on the website; from adding to the basket to enquiring about items. You can also enter in a Google AdWords tracking code to be run for each goal.

Google Analytics integration
Our websites can be integrated with Google Analytics, which provides wonderful and powerful reporting from Google

google analytics graph


Crop and rotate pictures

Crop off sections of a product picture, or rotate product pictures to be the right way up

Unlimited products

We don’t limit you to how many products or categories you can have on your website

Import products

You can import products from various other systems

Multiple staff logins

Create different user accounts for different staff members in your company

Made to order facility

This helps if you have items which are completely custom and made to order

Enquiry log

Every enquiry that visitors make on your site are not only emailed to you, but they’re also logged in your website manager too, so you can easily refer back to them over time.

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