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Increasing sales by collecting trade orders online

Increasing sales by collecting trade orders online

Wednesday 12th July 2017 at 01:18

By Rob

In this email we focus on our client Leaf Gifts, and how they use one of our websites to sell to both retail and trade clients using the trade (wholesale) features on our website platform. This enables their trade clients to order from them 24/7 using a secure trade only login on their website.

Our trade facilities allow website owners to:-

  • Have the website as trade, retail, or both
  • Set different prices for trade and retail
  • Give particular clients additional discounts
  • Set minimum order amounts

About Leaf Gifts

Leaf Gifts are based from their warehouse premises near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. They sell to both retail and trade.

Their stock comprises of a fantastic range of alternative and interesting gift ideas for family and friends, as well as items perfect for decorating the home.

Seperating trade and retail

As Leaf Gifts sell to both retail and trade, by default the website displays retail prices.

For trade clients, there is a "trade" page on their website which presents:-

  • A login for trade clients
  • A registration form for new clients to apply for an account

When trade clients login (or their application is approved) the website displays the trade (wholesale) prices instead. They're then able to use the website like any other eCommerce website and add items to their basket and checkout with the trade pricing.

The website also knows if individual clients have minimum order values set, or if they get additional percentage discounts from their orders, and applies these accordingly.

Managing trade clients

Complete control

Via the "website manager", which is the portal we provide clients to update their websites, Leaf Gifts can add, edit and remove trade clients. It's very simple to manage and you perform tasks such as:-

  • Set minimum order values
  • Set percentage discounts
  • Change passwords
  • Update contact details
  • Credit account options
  • VAT exemption options (for EU and international clients)

Setting trade pricing

When adding or editing a product via the website manager, Leaf Gifts can set:-

  • Retail price
  • Trade price
  • Sale price - optional
  • RRP (recommended detail price) - optional
  • Text to appear before and after the price - optional
  • Qty per pack and the option to show the price each. Particularly useful if you're selling packs of something in bulk - also optonal


Our solution for Leaf Gifts has the following benefits for them:-

  1. Collect trade orders 24/7
  2. More trade orders can be collected as a result of an easy ordering process
  3. Reduce staff overheads and hassle through easy to use systems


"The website has quickly become an essential part of our business and it's really reassuring to know that the support, when we need it, is friendly and quick"

Josh & Ellie, Leaf Gifts

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By Rob
Wednesday 12th July 2017 at 01:18

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