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6 Reasons why amazing product photography is crucial to your success

6 Reasons why amazing product photography is crucial to your success

Tuesday 30th January 2018 at 13:30

By Olivia

Good quality photography is the gold standard of a successful website

First impressions are lasting ones, so getting your imagery right first time is essential. Human beings react with their eyes and their emotions first and foremost so if your photography is substandard and isn't evoking an exciting or awe-struck emotion, you most likely won't engage the attention of that visitor for more than a couple of seconds.

In this article, we will be going over 6 reasons why it is important, imperitive - crucial even - to have great product photography on your website.

1) First impressions are immensely important.

As mentioned above a first impression is a lasting one, so if you don't create the 'wow' factor for your customers with your photography the first time they visit the website it is extremely likely that they won't return, which of course is the opposite to what anyone wants of their website.

2) Your website is essentially your shop window

Shop window

Whether you have a bricks and mortar shop or you are an online retailer, your website is basically your 'shop window' that is representative of you and your business. So having poor quality photography will reflect badly on your business and it may give the impression that you just aren't that bothered, which won't encourage customers to buy from or do business with you.

3) Poor photography can make your business appear unprofessional

Monkey with a camera

Anyone that is contemplating spending their hard earned cash with you wants to know that you are professional and that you are a legitimate business, especially with so many scammers out there nowadays. So some of the very first things that people will look for, are things that indicate professionalism, such as great imagery.

Ask yourself this - Would you buy something from a website if the pictures were poorly lit, badly edited or looked as though they were taken on an old camera phone? Would you trust that business?

Would you take them seriously? I know I wouldn't! So it's essential that you give your customers the same peace of mind that you would expect when shopping online.


4) It gives your customers the next best thing to an 'in shop' experience

We can all be a bit dubious whilst shopping online, based on the fact that most of us have been deceived at some point by the way something looks online, only to receive it and find that it doesn't live up to expectations in person. High resolution product photos on your website ensure that your customers can get a really good look at what they're buying and gives them the next best thing to the see, touch and feel experience they would get in a physical shop.

It gives them the reassurance they need to feel safe ordering from you online, rather than going to a bigger retailer or shop elsewhere to find what they're looking for.

Remember, people are impatient when shopping online. So ensure you have great product photography to catch and keep visitors attention and get them buying from you.


5) Bad pictures can make your website look terrible!

You could spend £40,000 on getting yourself a bespoke website made to spec but if the images that you put on there are low resolution, you risk making the website look cheap, unprofessional and generally ugly! On the other hand you can have a £400 website with amazing photography on it and it would make it look a million dollars. Photography really does make all the difference and can be the difference as to whether your website is a success or a flop!

6) You have the opportunity to sell your customers an outcome rather than just a product

In an ever disconnected and impersonal world, connecting to your customers emotion and providing an experience or outcome rather than just a product to buy can make all the difference. So rather than just going to visit the items in the back of your warehouse, taking a quick snap of them in poorly lit conditions with your ancient camera phone and a shaky hand, think about why someone would want to buy these items.

For example if it's a set of table and chairs, set the table and add some wine glasses or pretty flowers to it, then perhaps it would trigger them to think about sharing happy moments with friends and family after a hard day at work, or that it might set off their newly decorated dining room perfectly. You want to aim to sell the outcome


good and bad photo comparison


Your website's product photography really is the difference between being successful online, and not.

Product Photography example

Upcoming photography tips and courses

Over the coming weeks we will be following up from this blog article with a range of photography tips. So follow the blog on our website and our Facebook for more product photography tips, website tips and advice on selling online easily.

During 2018 we also plan to launch a product photography classes showing you how to make the most out of your camera, and get great product photos. Watch this space!

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By Olivia
Tuesday 30th January 2018 at 13:30

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