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4 ways digital marketing is changing

4 ways digital marketing is changing

Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 08:53

By Rob

As we all know the internet and how we use it, is constantly changing and so we should all make the effort to keep up with trends in order to keep our marketing efforts up to scratch so that they actually work!

Here's 4 ways that marketing changes that you can incorporate into your marketing efforts. 

1) Using more casual video to engage your audience

Using instagram lives, video posts, stories and reels to talk to your audience to make the connection with them more personal. We have mentioned in previous posts about making content and social marketing more personal but many ways professional marketers are recommending you do this is through video.

So for example simple short vlog type videos, info videos but informal, behind the scenes type content and also relatable stuff that isn’t necessarily only product/stock related, such as:

  • Pack an order with me
  • Go on a buying trip with me
  • Come to an auction with me
  • Come to a trade fair with me (you get the idea).

See our other blog posts below regarding website promotion on Instagram. 

instagram live

2) Instagram Lives

This point serves as an extension of the one above but it’s a brilliant way, to make yet another connection with your audience as when you’re on live, you can interact with your viewers real time, answering any questions or queries or just have a chat with them. This will help put a human and relatable side to your business, which helps with the trust factor which is one of the main things you want to create for your business as it will result in repeat custom. 

google my business

3) Put more effort into local SEO

Local SEO is taking off and it's super important for your business. One way you can take advantage of this is by using Google my business. They have recently added some more new features onto it, so you're now able to do things like:-

  • Add your stock onto there 
  • Make posts like you might do on facebookand/or Instagram
  • Create promotional offers
  • Upload a virtual tour 

You can use google my business almost like a snippet of your website, which is really effective for people looking for an Antique business that they can trust. It creates a sense of reliability especially if you consider the addition of customer reviews. It will put the potential customer at ease when they're looking to intereact and possibly buy from you. And best of all it's FREE!

Zoom logo

4) Online events to create ownership in the Antiques industry 

The way that your audience wants to engage with you is changing. They want to see your face more and be interactive so a lot of marketing professionals are recommending live online events such as webinars and talks etc.

This is not only a great way to give your business a more personal side, but it will also help you create ownership within the industry. What I mean by this is you create authority when you share your knowledge and provide value to your clients, so sharing content such as:-

  • Caring for your antiques
  • How to spot genuine antiques
  • How to spot fake antiques 
  • Giving talks on the history of items 
  • Giving general informative talks about your stock 

How you can incorporate these 4 methods within your AWD website 

Our websites integrates with all social media platforms so this gives your customers eay access to your new video content, by way of a link at the top of your website. We also have a feature that pulls through all of your instagram posts as a sort of gallery page on your website, so again your new video content and instagram posts will be viewable at the touch of a button on your site.

Our websites also integrate with Google my business just by adding your link to it, you can also integrate with Google analytics which give you lots of information on where your website visitors are coming from. Which really helps you to focus on where your marketing efforts are paying off. 

You are able to embed videos into your website, just like I have above. So when you do a live event you are able to embed the video onto your website, so all of that lovely content can be displayed on your website.

Our websites are constantly changing and evolving inline with the ever evolving marketing trends and SEO requirements, and so they're always upto date. I you don't yt hav a website with us then do get in touch to see how we can help you sell online easily.

We can help you sell online easily too!

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By Rob
Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 08:53

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