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10 fabulous bright colour palettes to use on your website

10 fabulous bright colour palettes to use on your website

Thursday 29th November 2018 at 13:49

By Olivia

I have created 10 bright colour palettes that you can use or take inspiration from

You can use them to build your brand's identity, and to attract your ideal customers.

1. Fiji waters

website colour scheme blues water

2. Flora

website colour scheme inspiration floral

3. Flourish

website colour scheme inspiration flower botanical coffee

4. Amber

website colour scheme inspiration orange amber

5. Candy Crush

6. Sorbet

website colour scheme inspiration pink sorbet candy sweets

7. Autumn Bowl

website colour scheme inspiration pink fruit autumn

8. Utopia

website colour scheme inspiration city grey purple

9. Mellow Yellow

website colour scheme inspiration yellow bons bons grey sweets

10. Turquoise Sunset

website colour scheme inspiration turquoise pink orange grey

These colour palettes are great if you want to go for a bold, stand out look. They create a bright and impactful appearance for you to display your stock against, they work especially well if the items you sell are more minimal and simple.

Prefer a neutral look?

I have created 10 neutral colour palettes for if you prefer the more toned down look for your website. Click here to view it.

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By Olivia
Thursday 29th November 2018 at 13:49

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